RBT repairs will be shut down until 4-1-18.


Please review the list of known failures and recommended solutions.  If required, complete the form below so that your issue can be best served.  Please note that your warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship discovered under normal use as prescribed in the manual.  Glass is covered for 30 days after which it is a $40 replacement cost.

Timing: Please allow for a week for a response, a week for the repair and a week for shipping.

RBT requires that you send your unit in for repair to ensure  that it is refurbished to factory quality standards. 

DIY fixes may lead to failure modes that harm the user and will void your RBT warranty. 

Known Failures - RBTs Warranty Policy

Female heater glass loose - Return for warranty repair 

Female heater glass broke - Return for warranty repair (Free no-fault replacement for 30 days from date of purchase)

Wood bottom cover lose (Milaana) -  Return for Free warranty repair or apply glue and clamp until dry

Heater doesn't brown material  when using a known good battery after two 25 second draws.  Ensure your copper battery door, brass nut and screw are clean using an abrasive pad or sandpaper and clean with alcohol.  Ensure battery is making contact.  Draw slow to allow the unit to heat up.  If issue persist, Return for warranty repair

Once we have your unit we will be able to determine if the failure is due to material / workmanship or the result of misuse of excessive wear and tear.

There is a $40 cost for the glass replacement.

We are unable to assist you directly.
Please contact the retailer for assistance.