In 2014 the RBT High Surface Area (HSA) heater technology was invented. Over the next two years experts in the industry helped refine the technology. What resulted is the creation of a highly functional artisan aromatherapy vaporizer called Zion.

The Zion provides 50 watts of on-demand power making it ready when you are. This power combined with a clean, inert and free-flowing air path allows for outstanding vaporization and delivers thick, pure, full-bodied vapor that easily outperforms many desktop vaporizers. The reviews so far suggest Zion is in a league of its own.

Zion features an adjustable knob to set your preferred voltage. Turn it down for exceptionally tasty low temperature hits, crank it up for thick and heavy ones – or anything in between. You will easily find your personal sweet spot. Zion’s versatility makes it the perfect device to vaporize all different kinds of (low and high temp) plant material or concentrates.

Zion’s CNC,hand-crafted maple wood body provides an organic home to the HSA technology. The Zion is an all-inclusive unit housing the borosilicate mouthpiece and stir stick, plus and a detachable stash area with and cork lid. The cap and the battery door are held in place by strong neodymium magnets for easy removal.

Although produced as a limited run, the RBT HSA heater technology lives on in our Milaana and Splinter models to offer you the one of a kind RBT experience.

Recommended batteries
Samsung 25R
Sony VTC5a

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 4.9” x 2.6” x 2.3”

Weight: without batteries 12 oz., with batteries 15 oz.

High Surface Area heater

Turbulator technology

50W voltage controlled, steplessly adjustable heater

On-demand, true full convection heating

5 seconds heat up to 220°C

250°C maximum temperature

Powered by 2x 18650 high drain cells (min. 20A continuous discharge rate)

19/22 mm female glass joint (US standard)

19/22 mm male glass stem

Reverse polarity protection, undervoltage protection

Materials used: wood, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, chrome, copper, brass, cork, mica, neodymium magnets, medical grade epoxy

Made in the USA