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The Splinter is a 510 threaded miniaturized Zion heater giving a consistent and adjustable experience.

Add it to your box mod (sold separately) for on-the-go power. Suggested wattage range is 20-50 watts.

The glass connection is US 19/22 mm making adaptation to other glass pieces easy.

The complete Splinter package includes a Splinter with clear glass in your choice of Walnut or Maple. 

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*If wood becomes warm, let the unit cool down before additional use.

What's Included:
1 Splinter with clear glass (19/22mm female adapter)
1 short clear glass stem {19/22mm male)
1 drawstring fiber bag
1 pick tool
2 RBT top-hat screens
1 small bag degummed hemp fiber

Tech Specs

High Surface Area heater

19/22mm female glass joint (US standard) to attach water filtration, mouthpieces or custom ware

19/22 mm male glass stem

510 threaded for box mod capable of 25-50 watts (box mod sold separately)

Height 2.1" (wood only) 2.3" (wood and 510 fitting/threading)

Width 1.25"

Made in the USA