Based on Zion’s High Surface Area heater technology, the Milaana produces incredible vapor clouds the unregulated way. With the press of a button you unleash enough power to vaporize the full spectrum of your plant material or concentrates within seconds and pump out pure, dense clouds. The manual nature of the device allows you to tailor your experience, whether hot and dense, slow and light, or anywhere in between. You have full control to modulate and discover your own style of vaping.

The standard 19/22mm glass joint allows you to easily attach water tools, as well as a wide variety of mouthpieces and other accessories.

Milaana’s free-flowing air path stays true to RastaBuddhaTao’s principles of safety and pureness being made of only proven materials of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, mica and medical grade epoxy, providing unparalleled rich and pure taste. To achieve the high RBT standard, the Milaana has silver plated wires and mechanical connections, which eliminates copper and silver solder connection that can cause harmful outgassing.

Limited electronics and a simple and rugged ‘steam punk’ design with a small form factor allow for great portability and reliable work for years and years of daily use. A customized guitar pick acts as a kill switch to keep the heat source off when not in use. With minimal maintenance and care, your Milaana will provide an incredible aromatherapy experience for years to come


Recommended batteries
For a cooler Milaana: Samsung 25R, LG HE4

For a hotter Milaana: Sony VTC5a, HG LG2

Tech Specs

High Surface Area Heater

Turbulator technology

On-demand, true full convection heating

40W unregulated, manually controlled heater

19/22mm female glass joint (US standard) to attach water filtration, mouthpieces or custom ware

Powered by 1x 18650 high drain cell (min. 20A continuous discharge rate)

3-year prorated warranty

Made in the USA